The Cleveland cavaliers on the road to a 112-108 victory over the Philadelphia 76 ers to 4 in a row James is still the cavs win, he not only sent three pairs of again, also become a knight in the game in the history of the first player to hit 1000 three-pointers.Lebron also after the penalty miss Thompson, buckle with a foaming at the mouth filling pay tribute to Michael Jordan.
Whole game lebron keep good efficiency, 9 for 19, 1, 4 three-point shots hit seven of nine, had 26 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds and 1 steals, this is his third triple-double this season, career 45 times, the last three games he has got three pairs of twice.Career after yesterday's got three pairs of three dual reach 44, tied for lebron, is likely to be affected by wes incentives, lebron quickly respond and take three pairs, he cast aside chavez again.This before lebron James is averaging 23.5 points, 9.5 assists and 8.2 rebounds per game, he has three pairs of data, assists list also high on the third, it is no wonder that quarter when speculation weiss brooke, harden is expected to hit when the season averaging three pairs, U.S. media have suggested why don't you think lebron?From the point of game, lebron has a chance to really, he would not do so.
Home of the 76 people in the face of the defending champion not stage fright, their positive performance, quickly took the lead on the pitch.Although the team fell behind, but lebron is still as usual put more energy on the ball at the start stage, end of the first section is continuous assists loew 3-pointer to narrow the gap.76 ers are really resilient, in the face of the cavaliers counter-attack, they pulled away timely response and in the second quarter, half of the first five minutes 47 seconds when they led by 14 in 47-33.Attack when lebron James with a personal choice to solve the problem, first from the right wing hit a 3-pointer, then breakthrough score, he helped the team quickly closed the gap to single digits.This three is very meaningful for lebron a goal, this is his 1000th knight's career into three, he became a team in the history of the first player to hit 1000 three-pointers, he created the history of the knight's team once again.
Lebron's score has not stopped there.Half-time 1 minutes and 20 seconds, after the second penalty miss Thompson, lebron quick start into the box, get the offensive rebounds direct to fill a hands clasp.Lebron's this clasp be called salute to Jordan, remember that year in scottie pippen, after a penalty miss Jordan has also made the buckle the wonderful scene.Half-time 35.1 seconds, lebron and converted a three-point play in front of taos, kass, alone with his 10 points, the cavaliers at the end of the half-court only six points behind.
76 people once again take advantage in the third quarter to 10 points off, this natural and stand up to lebron James.With super ability, he's made a foul to win free throws.In this section, there is 1 second, he once again choose to break through the storm, put the ball in front of him at the same time making a foul, penalty, he led even after 6 minutes and end the third quarter, the instantaneous only four points.
When Irwin opened fire in the final quarter, lebron choose to play the role of organizer, he create opportunities for teammates, patiently Irwin, Thompson became his assists object, he led the cavaliers played little take lead.When the 76 ers with more closed the gap to only five points, lebron again stand out.Other cavaliers player pulls open singles space for him, lebron easily breakthrough points, the cavaliers 7 point lead with 37.1 seconds left in the fourth quarter, they almost.

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