The late master of kung fu novel GuLongCeng some short story called "the lone star biography, lone star, solitary, single-handedly, alone against the world hero, also from a slope before zhao zilong, juxian in Steve, small bridge zai-xing Yang, although is ten million people, I toward yi television with lone star, in the NBA, there is the ancient chamberlain, behind kobe Bryant, this is, brooke and James harden
NBA superstar one person alone, single led is our fans want to see the scene, youthful fans would like to see the performance of personal heroism, the most impressive is its wring superpowers, think that year, let's is looking at Allen iverson and kobe Bryant, Jimmy Carter, Tracy McGrady, such a call, and whether I can win the championship, they have pumped a gut-wrenching.Until now, the team and system are more and more important, double gun combination, the big three is the land, even the big four have appeared, under such situation, like brother wei, harden, heavy eyebrows less superstar preferable.
Since Kevin durant for the warriors, wei less finally presenting unique eldest brother become a rage;Howard to return to the hometown, harden, it took power.The two brothers also expectations, brush out the fate of the data.Is the king of the three pairs of this season, fewer scoring and assists ranked second, averaging almost hit three pairs of data.Harden although only fourth in the league in scoring, but the transformation of basic booked successful beard assists this season, every game he played the Steve Nash level of organizational capability.But in contrast, the rockets record is not outstanding, with thunder even tepid is very unstable.Look at heavy eyebrows, take an examination of the performance of god and their team's dismal record, personal data and team success seems to be really hard to do have it both ways, a single core team is super giant bitan or mud?For these alone, go against with data with a dismal record of young stars, what the future goes, it is an unpredictable problem
Hakim, of course, in addition to the 1994 - hakeem olajuwon, Tim Duncan in 2003, 2011, dirk nowitzki, it is very difficult for star mononuclear led won the championship, because they are 50 years saw three hall of fame player, now the young generation of stars from the point of the height of the three them, what's more, a big dream, Duncan, nowitzki three after years of honed and setbacks, finally can calm the Promised Land.Now harden, little brother, heavy eyebrows since chose the lone star walk alone the difficult path, so also is bound to encounter all predecessors experience.

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