The Oklahoma city thunder team 126-115 victory over the Washington wizards, overtime again to get the three pairs of less, his four games in a row to get three pairs, the match had 35 points and 14 rebounds, 11 assists, it was 46 times he has three pairs of history was ranked no. 5, also is the ninth of the season with three pairs, the other players to get the number three pairs of a total of nine times
Wei is less 35 points of 14 points from the overtime, the thunder team win all four games in the past, wei in the middle of November 20 games less averaged three pairs of data.
Wizards Bradley - bill scored 31 points, John - wall 15 points, 15 assists, jared malsin - gortat 12 points and 11 rebounds.The wizards coach Brooks has coached the thunder team, before the game less embraced and mentor.
After the game the wizards coach Scott Brooks praised the Wisconsin brooke's performance, he said: "he can win is a basketball player, I said so is not only based on he can hit a lot of shooting it."Thunder coach Billy Donovan said wiese brook, said: "when he was in trouble, he will be more focused, I think this is really very unique"
Wei said little about his performance: "for me, no matter how the game process, each round is important, you can always to affect the game in different ways. My task is very simple, make the team is in attack mode."Down a little, 1 of 8 shots, much of the team can't focus on scoring, but their last moment everyone together will be the game until the last moment.Wei in the fourth quarter and overtime less scored 21 points and 6 rebounds, 5 assists.
Thunder guard Anthony morrow said: "this is Russell, win anyway, this is the result of his efforts, every day I see him in the gym training."
Thunder team put forward jie lamy - grant center played 24 minutes, with Mr Lardy wave, less, Robertson, moro once played a small lineup.Few think the squad is good, "is very wonderful, adjust quickly, we've never tried to all season, today we make adjustments, the team is active."Stephen Adams, Canterbury, Dave and arvidas sabonis in the squad, it keep the thunder team bench attack capability.

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