The NBA regular season continued, the Detroit pistons Ushered in the Orlando magic challenges at home, in the end, the pistons to a 92-92 loss, magic to win was end NBA 2K17 MT.
The match, the barca had 21 points and 7 rebounds and 4 assists, three steals 4 blocks, augustine 12 points and three assists, wu cut had 16 points and eight rebounds, Jeff green 14 points and five rebounds.Piston, reggie Jackson for season debut, had 18 points and 4 assists, morris scored 21 points, 5 rebounds, drummond contributed 10 points and 10 rebounds, Harris contributed 11 points and 4 rebounds.
Single section score (piston) before: 35, 10-20-23, 23-27, 12 to 20
After the jump ball, reggie and Harris has surged into three points, Gordon played 2 + 1 should back, both sides sharp attack, score rise alternately, morris NBA 2K17 MT MAO in three consecutive three points after the piston, lead the barca the basket score straight to help the magic back to catch and stagnation of god after a dunk piston attack, magic the chance to catch up with the score, as the day turnaround jumper, end of the first quarter, magic 23-27 behind the piston.
Second quarter, green hit counter layup after 3 minutes, take the magic.After Harris, a strong hit, reggie after shooting, meeks play three hands, share than ever and counterattack dunk, the two sides killed in combat.After continuous green score, the barca send blocks have counter layup, piston attack continuously while the iron is hot, cut with wu has cic is successful, the magic of 58-50 lead into halftime Buy NBA 2K17 MT.
Easy side fight again in the second half, augustine after three hits, magic lead to 11 points, but soon reggie -- god one inside one outside chasing constituent, Murray in the three points and then, pop layup, piston during 0-9 run to catch up with the score.Magic break after scoring drought, both sides attack you, always keep in 5 points or so.Three end, the magic 78-73 lead the piston.
Details a, Gary payton and reggie, wu has cut the basket after two goals, back to double digits.After god and reggie scored two goals, but barca and rich, and the three points to help the magic pulled away further.Although Harris and pop the three points to help the piston last moment is approaching, but magic eventually to a 98-92 victory.
Magic: augustine, rich, yeah, than ever, Gordon, and CARDS
Piston: reggie Jackson, pop, marcus morris, ha, drummond

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