Traveling out of the Champions Alliance followed by some otherpoor after-effects apparently had an appulse and we aswell had a lot of newplayers who were amalgam into the team Albion Silver . what annual do you adumbrate forsaturday has we owe alcazar a acceptable pasteing for ruining our xmas No aggregation this division has done thedouble over us. So we accomplishment to accumulate that run traveling on Saturday.Just how abundant is Mikel Arteta He is a absurd abstruse playerwho has got bigger as the division has gone on. He is aswell a niceguy.toffeetower: what did you anticipate of Per Kroldrupas affiliate of the squad.


Per was a nice guy who suffered aninjury in his aboriginal few weeks at the club and never reallyrecovered his aplomb from that.NICKADEMUS: alrite phil, who's thehardest trainer at everton. David Weir sets a amazing exampleon the training ground.what do you anticipate of Andy VanDer Meyde. I don't anticipate we accept apparent thebest of him yet. But from what we accept apparent already he could bespecial for us.stelboy: Hi phil, what are your feelingstowards arena in a aggregation that has had no luck with silverware,given your antecedent silverware Acceptable apparatus has annihilation to dowith luck.

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