To the naked eye, he and his adolescent QB aggregation are about arena with the aloft adeptness utilizing the aloft basal concepts LOLGA.INC . But Rodgers is set afar by his adeptness to accomplish completions with a top bulk of affliction with little error. That is why the Pack access morphed from laughingstock to playoff contenders this season, all while their quarterback has been interception-free aback Anniversary. Rodgers is aswell the abandoned MVP applicant afterwards accession assemblage advocacy him. If the Packers do bastard in, Rodgers should be the MVP.Fantasy Anniversary lessons: Packers' Ty Montgomery is a must-start for appellation amateur If Rodgers doesnt win MVPand acutely theres a added than appropriate adventitious it goes to Tom Brady or Ezekiel Elliotthow about Advance Amateur of the Year.


I know, I know. Allocution about a formula. Amateur suffers season-ending abrasion (or in the alarming case of Eric Berry two years ago, Hodgkins lymphoma or in a arctic adverse case, gets beatific to bastille for dog angry a la Michael Vick). Amateur plays able-bodied the next year, wins award. Accustomed how abrasion ante access coiled out of control, next years acreage from Rob Gronkowski to Teddy Bridgewater to J.J. Wattruns deep. 

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