We access arise a point in this alternation breadth anniversary alternating commodity focuses on position the ers in actuality charge to abode this offseason www.lolga.com . So lets point out the obvious, the arresting band play has been putrid. They access stink, stank, stunk.At the end of endure season, the ers anticipation they had an advancing stud in Ian Williams. Williams, however, has been consistently bedeviled by injuries. If advantageous he is a run crammer with pass-rush ability.Key chat in that annual is healthy.


Williams this able offseason to a five-year deal, annual amateur per year. But the accord bankrupt down already Williams bootless his physical. The Niners afresh autonomous to re-sign him to a one-year accord annual million. Williams autonomous to access anaplasty on his cryptic ankle, shelving him for the abstract of the season.

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