By comparison, the median income for white households in, while still higher in overall terms at, is down. since and climbed just. from.Asian incomes rose. from and. from.Heres the chart from the Census Bureau:Black households saw their median household income decline. between and ; it climbed just. from.

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At, It is still. percent lower than it was in.Latinos also saw the largest drop in their poverty rate among any group, with a. point decline to. (the national average now stands at. ).In a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, Lawrence Mishel, president of the left leaning Economic Policy Institute, said the rising wages of Latinos could be attributed to rapidly falling unemployment and stagnant inflation. Unemployment among Latinos has fallen to. after reaching a high of in August. Annual inflation hasnt climbed above since the end of the recession. Lower earners receive the most direct benefit from this, Mishel said, as there is less competition for jobs and more pressure on earnings.

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