The statement also claims that Trump initiated contact with the union, while Clinton—who received just of the unions vote—has never met with the group.Additionally, the maximum punishment for possession of a half ounce of cannabis or less in North Carolina is a fine, all of which call into question the official story of this event.


The Albion Silver playoff series, released in 1989, featured Lakers vs. Celtics, and was compatible in MS-DOS PC’s. The game was played in horizontal view. As technology developed the game could be played in the isometric view, and now with state of the art gaming consoles, it is possible to play it in 3D. The likeness of the players to the real players of the NBA team, including their signature moves, was a first so far.


Now that we have smartphones capable of almost equal performance as PC console, the game can be played anywhere that is convenient for you Albion Silver . What the real NBA team offers, this game offers you on your fingertips. You can do everything that the players do on the field, like raining foul shouts, hustling through fast paced quarters to beat your rivals, and win coins and packs as you play.  


The city managers office for Richmond, California, in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, disciplined nine Richmond police officers Friday for their roles in a sexual misconduct and abuse scandal that has swept multiple law enforcement agencies throughout the East Bay and lead to the resignations of three successive Oakland police chiefs in one week. One Richmond officer was fired, one was demoted, two were suspended, and five received reprimands. 

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